Whether you're an insurance carrier, a claims adjuster, or property owner, Matterport can ensure the most accurate, transparent, and fair documentation and valuations helping you to close claims much faster.
Get accurate documentation,
increase quality and transparency.
Maximize claim cycle
efficiency and customer satisfaction.


3D walkthroughs provide accurate, easy-to-use documentation that can serve as a single source of truth from initial policy decisions through claims handling.

Sample Scan


Matterports 3D data platform provides the most comprehensive, accurate, and efficient loss documentation for insurance professionals.

Reduce time spent processing claims and rectifying discrepancies with Matterports comprehensive 3D imagery and the ability to add additional notes and details with Mattertags.

Accurate, updatable documentation throughout the insurance cycle

Insure with the most comprehensive pre-loss asset documentation and risk management with the digital twin that allows for more informed and accurate underwriting practices.
  • Reduce the initial risk of insuring a building and eliminating the need for physical reinspection.
  • Unbeatable documentation accuracy for higher-quality assessments compared to an outsourced inspection.
  • Add policy and claims notes directly into the 3D model.

Perfect for Realtors, Property
Managers, and Architectural Firms.

Outside of our own jobs, we also offer these Matterport services to other industries

Hover Satellite Imagery


Goodbye, Tape Measures.
Hello, Accuracy in 3D.

HOVER transforms smartphone photos into beautifully rendered and fully measured 3D models of any home.

Aerial Drone Inspections

Perfect for viewing home damage.
All without getting on a ladder!

Our drone technicians provide an accurate vide of your roof and it's trouble spots after a storm

Thermal Imagery/Inspections

Impact Disaster Services Images

The most accurate way to
detect a leak on the market today.

Thermal technology allows us to examine your home with a special heat camera.
This camera shows where heat is being leaked, thereby exposing the area of your leak.
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